How does it work?

Happy Scribe is an automatic transcribing tool that helps you to save time. Upload your file and get your automatic transcription directly in your mailbox in less than 30 minutes!

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Scribe will save you up to 5 hours per hour of recording

Available in +80 different languages and accents

How to get the best transcript?

High-quality audios are essential to get an accurate transcript, here are some recommendations

✅   Record your audio in quiet space to limit the background noise
✅   Keep the microphone close to the speaker
✅   Be careful with Phone and Skype recordings  
✅   Be careful with heavy accent


The Editor!

Below you have an automatic unedited transcription from a TED talk

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Who are we?

André & Marc

We are André Bastié and Marc Assens. Marc is a final year undergraduate student in Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and André is a French guy completing his Master's degree in Electronic Commerce at Dublin City University, Ireland.

We were asked to transcribe 12 interviews for an academic research project on Social Entrepreneurship. Transcribing was tedious and time-consuming, after a few days, we came up with Scribe to help researchers and journalists better do their job. 🤗