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Happy Scribe’s automatic subtitle generator extracts the speech from your video files in just a few minutes and creates subtitles out of it. Our online subtitle generator can create subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish and 119+ languages and accents.

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About Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe uses the latest voice recognition technology to transcribe your video file to text within a few minutes. We accept over 15 video file formats including AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, QT, and MP4. There is also no file size limit and we are able to transcribe over 119 languages and accents, including English,French, German and Spanish.

How to auto-generate subtitles?

  1. 1. Upload your video file. No size restriction and the first 30 minutes are free.
  2. 2. We auto transcribe your file. Your file will be converted from video to text in just a few minutes using our automatic subtitle generator.
  3. 3. Proofread and Edit. The video subtitle generator has a very high accuracy rate, but no transcription is 100% perfect.
  4. 4. Click on export and choose your preferred subtitle format. You’ve successfully generated subtitles for your video.

Natural Subtitling Engine

The Natural Subtitling Engine is an algorithm we've developed on top of our transcription product which uses millisecond level timestamps and heuristics to generate high quality subtitles. Our automatic subtitle generator allows you to export three types of subtitles 1/ SubRip Cap (.SRT) a very basic subtitling format which can be used on most web publishing platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc...) 2/ EBU-STL (.STL) a European format used by many broadcasters for subtitling TV programs and 3/ WebVTT (.VTT) a newer method of caption encoding that enables you to edit the color and font of the captioned text.

Frequent Questions

What is the most used subtitle format?

The SubRip text file format is one of the most well-known and used subtitle formats. SubRip files are named with the .srt extension and referred to as SRT files. The file contents are simple and easy to read. For this reason, SRT files are widely used by YouTube and Facebook to subtitle videos.

How do I add subtitle videos on Linkedin?

To subtitle videos on LinkedIn, you will first need to use an automatic subtitle generator, like Happy Scribe, to convert your video to text. Then from your LinkedIn Dashboard, start a new post, upload your video and the SRT file.

Do I have to edit my subtitles?

Generating great subtitles is very difficult. Multiple speakers, accents, and fast talkers make it challenging for any automatic subtitle generator to be 100% perfect. Although auto video subtitle generators like Happy Scribe, can have a very good accuracy rate, it is still recommended that you proofread and edit the transcript file before exporting.

Who uses Happy Scribe’s Automatic Subtitle Generator?

Happy Scribe’s automatic subtitle generator is used by both solo video-editors and mid-size businesses. Betevé, the TV channel of Barcelona, has used our subtitle generator engine to provide subtitles on 90+ hours of regional broadcasting. Maestro Corporation, the event promotion and concert ticketing system, also uses our Natural Subtitle Generator Engine for all their customers' testimonials.

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