Episode 08
Radio Rental

You know his name, but not his past, based on one of the bestselling book series of all time. Perry Mason is HBO is next. Must watch Crime Drama starring Emmy winner Matthew Reese and co starring Emmy winners Tatiana Maslany and John Lithgow, set in a vibrant but struggling 1930s Los Angeles. The series delves into the origin story of American fiction's most legendary criminal defense lawyer. As a Delmas luck private investigator, Perry Mason falls his cases through the seedy underbelly of L.A., knowing full well that there's what's legal and there's what's right.

Follow Mason's journey as he unravels the secrets behind a disturbing case of a kidnapping gone wrong. Uncovering the truth means exposing a city full of corruption and everybody is guilty. The series premiere of Perry Mason airs on Sunday at nine p.m. on HBO and stream it on HBO Max.

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Successfully. OK. One down. Next item on the agenda is. Oh, hello, old friend. I was wondering when I'd be seeing you again. Come in. Come in. Welcome back to Radio Rental. A lot has happened since last we met. Oh, I would love to give you a hug, but as we all know, sadly, the golden age of hugging is currently on pause. Six feet of distance, if you please. In fact.

Could you please stand behind that stain on the carpet? Sit down. The other went back up. No, not not. Not that one. The other one. No, the other other one. The reddish brown. Yes. Is that a green measure? There we go. Good. Now, how convenient that I have never had this carpet cleaned. So you caught me updating my voice mailbox greeting. I try to stay up to date with the latest digital trends and the voicemail.

Believe it or not, is still quite relevant. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at all the tender messages I received during our break. Here, let me play or some of the reasons.

My name is Cheryl. I have a membership with you guys. I rented a movie and I'm just wondering if I could get an extension on it. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Bye.

Okay, Joe, if that is your real name, whoever you are, you are either a master of condescending sarcasm or just really vague. Okay, hold on. Hold on. I think this one will be more affectionate.

Not sure what I'm supposed to do when I have not return a movie after that moment. I got a one get. Well, I think you sense at least take it off. Let me know. OK.

So those two may have been more logistical requests, but I assure you some of my earlier messages were quite a few civ. Now, as you can tell, I'm clearly needed here at Radio Rental. I'm happy to announce that I'm back and ready to share new stories with you all. And boy, do I have some insanity this time out. Let's get in the way back machine and take a trip to the grocery store. Remember that place? This is a time before insta shop or uber carts and e food or grub grab or whatever you call it.

Just a good old fashioned trip to a harmless grocery store. What could possibly go wrong? It's a common childhood memory. Running errands with your mom as a kid. You're just going along with the motions, waiting for the boring adult tasks to be done. Grocery shopping is the most common errand of the mall. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Everyone goes to the grocery store. I was an only child for a very long time, so I would accompany my parents almost everywhere.

Grocery shopping is always sort of an ordeal where you hold it off until the last possible second. And then inevitably have to go for that big hall on the weekends. As a child, you would just come along with her on Saturday. You get put in the front of the cart. You'd get told to mind your P's and Q's for a minute. And, you know, afterwards, maybe we'll stop and get ice cream on the way home. We had gone to some big box store, whether that was a Sam's Club or a Costco is kind of escapes me now, since they're all pretty much the same.

Cart was half full with whatever we had decided we would need that week, and she had pulled me off to the side and she will stay here and grab a couple of things. Be right back. Was something that she had done before, it was something that it just made it easier for her to to move around and I'll have to log an entire cart. She just pulled me off the side and said, sit tight. And I kind of not in that way that kids are like they I would I really I'm listening, but I'm not really listening.

And went back to playing my video game, which at that time was a little lime green Gameboy color, busy plugging away on Pokemon Crystal. Focusing on the screen, very engrossed in my game, boy, you can see things in your periphery, but you aren't early seeing them. They're more of colors and shapes rather than actual people or things. I remember at one point the car just starts to begin moving. I remember seeing red fingernails. I just remember stopping and kind of looking up and looking at this woman.

She's very tanned skin. Very bright red lips. I remember thinking how weird it was for a moment that there was someone with bright red nails pushing this cart. My mother is not a very feminine woman. We're Midwestern. People are pretty sturdy fok. She would never paint her nails. And if she would, she would never paint them bright red. I don't know what it was, just this animal sense of. I just wanted to stop. I don't know how to make it stop on my own.

I don't even think I was old enough to be consciously aware of the bad things that can happen to children, especially children left unattended.

We started to move and we started to get further and further from where my mother had originally placed me. I think it was that sensation of moving that started kicking me into gear. We're going somewhere and I'm going somewhere with this woman and I am trapped. I can't move. I'm sitting here. This child safety basket in the front. And if I want to move, I need help getting out. If this woman is taking me somewhere, unless I do something immediately, I will be forced to go wherever she ends up taking me.

This has to be a mistake. People don't just start pushing a child in a cart for no reason. Fight or flight? And when you're such a young child, you don't know what to do. Sometimes it's also fight Flattr freeze. I just remember pausing and feeling that icy stab of panic. I don't know you. And something is happening here that shouldn't be happening. I also, as a child, have been very, very talkative, very outspoken, and I remember my brain catching up with my mouth a second later, but very loudly saying, you're not my mom.