NEW SHOW: Park Predators
Crime Junkie

High crime junkies. I'm your host. Ashley Flowers popping in your feed on a Tuesday to tell you about a brand new audio check show that just dropped. It's called Park Predators. This limited true crime series will take those of us who are still stuck inside and unable to travel out into some of North America's most beautiful national parks. And we'll tell you about some of the most sinister crimes that happened. And then you'll recognize the host of Park Predators as our very own Delia D.

Ambre, who hosts our other show Counterclockwise. Here, take a listen to the trailer and then go subscribe and listen to the first few episodes of Park Predators that are out right now. You can subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts. In the woods, the desert and mountains, the natural world is balanced. There's predators and there's prey. A vast landscape like a national park is the perfect place for a predator. There's endless places to hide remote spots.

Only a few people know how to get to and ground. No one will ever stumble across. But sometimes the breathtaking beauty of these national parks mask the evil lurking within. And both the natural environment and swarms of tourists visiting these parks every year allow killers to blend in and go undetected.

Park Predators is an 11 episode audio check original series hosted by me, Delia Ambre and each week starting July 7th.

I'll be bringing you a new story of human predators in park lands across North America who chose to defy nature and use the beautiful landscapes around them to cover up unspeakable crimes.

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To be sure you don't miss the first two episodes. And I'll see you in the park on July seven.